Business Partners

Cancer Research Partners


Business Partners
Honey Partners

This year we were grateful to receive a donation of honey from Red Gate Farm. 

For our bottles, lids, and much of our regional honey and bottling for regions that we can't cover from here, we have been so lucky to partner with Dutch Gold.  They have met with us a bunch and helped us learn the business and really treated us well.

We are also partnered with Z Specialty Food out in California for our honey on the West Coast;  they have been partners of our for years.

For our beekeeping training, in addition to having great mentors, we also were fortunate to get a grant to go to the annual EAS conference.  We are also members of the Chester County Beekeeper Association.

Charitable Partners

To help us grow big, we are a member of the New Beginnings Nonprofit Incubator at Resources for Human Development, Inc. (RHD). RHD is a large, diversified nonprofit organization, based in Philadelphia, that oversees roughly 150 programs. The New Beginnings incubator provides small and startup nonprofit programs like ours with a range of services and support designed to help them grow to achieve their missions.  RHD helps us with processing donations and payments so that we can make it easier on you!

We also are pleased to announce a new partnership with the Lower Merion Vocational Training Center.  LMVTC enhances the lives of individuals with an array of challenges. They support participants as they work to achieve greater independence through consistent community participation, paid employment and volunteer opportunities.  When we just couldn't keep up with school and labeling jars, we found these wonderful partners to share the load and reap the rewards.

Other Partners
It really goes without saying that we could not do this all alone.  In addition to all of our kid friends, we also have a lot of adult friends who have either donated or given us their products or services at grately reduced prices.  We are really appreciative of all of their support.  Here are a few of them:

Flaster Greenberg for donating legal help, ANRO for their printing services, T2AP and CS5 for their graphic arts support, the Queen project for honey donations, the Eastern Apiculture Society for our beekeeping training, all of our guest speakers, all of the parents who have provided rides, neighbors who have put beehives on their land, and the list goes on and on! THANK YOU!